INNOCEAN Worldwide appoints Havas Media Group as the media agency for Hyundai and Kia in Europe

October 2019 | Frankfurt am Main

The incumbent media agency will keep, after a competitive review, the media mandate from Hyundai and Kia for Europe, Russia and Turkey.

  • The business comprises Hyundai and Kia media activities in Europe, Russia and Turkey
  • The 10-month competitive review resulted in the re-selection of incumbent agency Havas Media
  • After a 10-year business relationship, all stakeholders look forward to a new, re-invigorated collaboration

The selection was a result of a competitive review led by INNOCEAN, the global lead agency of Hyundai and Kia. The process was handled by INNOCEAN Worldwide in Korea together with its European Regional Headquarter INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe.

The review, which started in December 2018, was structured as a very thorough process, including stakeholders from INNOCEAN, Hyundai and Kia from Europe, Korea and Russia.

“After 10 years of relationship, we are looking forward to a new phase of even closer cooperation with Havas. We are determined to make this re-invigorated collaboration instrumental in positioning our clients Hyundai and Kia as leaders in new mobility solutions”, says Juergen Zienicke, European Group Media Director at INNOCEAN.

“We are very proud of our 10-year partnership with INNOCEAN, Hyundai and Kia, and we are absolutely delighted that our partners have decided to extend this relationship following such a thorough review process. Both brands have ambitious plans for the future in multiple segments, and we are excited to help them navigate the various brand and category challenges ahead.”, says Peter Mears, Global CEO Havas Media.

“We would like to thank all agencies participating in this review for their hard work and contribution”, added Juergen Zienicke from INNOCEAN.

The foundation for this new collaboration will start to be laid out in the coming weeks.

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Leticia Rial
Director, Corporate Strategy & Business Planning