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Who We Are

    Hello and a warm welcome to our job site! Let us introduce ourselves, because we’d like to get to know you,
    so it seems fair you get to know us and what we are doing:

    Back in 2005, INNOCEAN Worldwide was born in South Korea as the “house agency” of car brands Hyundai and Kia. Since then, the growth of the brands and the agency has been huge.

    In 2007, the European Headquarter of INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe was established in Frankfurt. For the last years we’ve grown rapidly and we founded local offices in eight European key markets – driven by a team of more than 275 employees from over 45 different countries.

    In brief: In less than a decade, INNOCEAN Europe has grown into every single degree of marketing communication in the automotive sector, tackling any and all opportunities there are, and always seeking for more…

    But: We don’t just have “car people”! We believe in continuous growth into other industries – and we’re always interested in potential new colleagues, who will fit with us.

    Meet some of our people who are talking in their own words about what they do and what they like about their INNOCEAN life:

How we work

    INNOCEAN Worldwide has just celebrated its 10th anniversary – and it was quite a party!

    We are still a young agency, full of energy and ideas, so sometimes we act like a start-up. There’s forever ‘work-in-progress’ but also a real scope for development, change and evolution.

    Our Korean DNA makes us quite special like that and our connection with our mother company can be felt in our restless energy and speed to undertake everyday challenges. Globally, our joint success of recent years speaks volumes about our long-term and valuable collaboration.

Our belief

    The reason for our success is simple – it comes from our people. And that means we truly believe in the skills of our staff members; their unwavering passion, unerring commitment, can-do attitude and natural creativity. And we want more of the same to make INNOCEAN an even more enriching and fun place to work – everyday!


    Marketing is a peoples business. So the most important thing is what people connect with INNOCEAN and what they say about us. Who could tell you better than our own staff?

Unsolicited Applications

If you don’t see any specific job offers on this site that fits you – no worries!

We are always looking for good people that fit in with us, and we’d love to talk to you to find out how we could
benefit each other. So please send your application to:



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